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Book 3 is available everywhere now! Anything goes at the edge of the road.

Burning hot aparate burning hot aparate Creat de cei de la EGT, jocul aduce o atmosferă retro și efecte incendiare.

I'm ripped for her pleasure. Inked for her enjoyment.

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But in the end, I'm bound to be her downfall. Because she's playing a dangerous game in a dangerous world.

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And her secrets can't stay secret for long. Tall, menacing, powerful… he's as dangerous as the MC he commands.

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Yet something draws me to him. Ripped edge right burner recenzii, as long as I'm locked inside his brawny arms, I know I'm protected. But I've never been safe for long.

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Soon, the same demons who dog me are hounding down Leon's door. As far as the biker knows, I'm just single mom with a baby to protect, looking for any way to keep us safe.

А не альфа-группы.

But I'm terrified he'll recognize my little boy's eyes, and he'll realize the truth: I've been hiding a terrible secret. LEON I've got too much on my plate right now to deal with a young broad who thinks she's got it all figured out.

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My MC is in trouble of disintegrating. Cops and rivals alike are howling for my downfall.

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And my VP can't seem to keep his eyes off the little runaway I brought home after a bad brawl at the diner. But there's something about Sandy and her son that feels familiar — too familiar.

Одновременный подрыв этих тщательно замаскированных устройств должен был создать магнитное поле такой мощности, что вся информация на магнитных носителях - жестких дисках компьютеров, в постоянных запоминающих устройствах, в резервных файлах и даже на гибких дисках - оказалась бы стерта.

And her boy needs the stability I never had growing up. Too bad there's no place in my life for a wife, a child, a family. I can't give her what she wants, no matter how distracting our heated arguments and even hotter sessions are.

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But then I discover what she's been hiding from me. And everything starts to change.