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Roger is a rare case of someone that wins pretty much everything he competes in, and does it in incredible fashion. On top of this he has submitted everyone he met in the last few years in both the Gi and NoGi competitions the only man to survive his onslaught was Ricardo Abreu in He is not the fastest man in Jiu Jitsu or the most explosive one, or even the strongest one, but what he lacks in any of these fields, he excels in composure and weightworld alli Best Jiu Jitsu practitioner ever, without a shadow of a doubt.

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He went from winning the Purple Belt World Championship in to winning the same event — this time as a black belt — only one year later. He reigned that division until when internal disputes between his team Weightworld alli Uniao and the federation took him away from CBJJ related tournaments.

He then left Brazil to the USA to establish his academy there, only to return in and win again his division.

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The gap between his prime days weightworld alli his successful return to competition at an international event made his accomplishment all the more impressive, and that is why he is placed as number 2. Marcelo Garcia, Weightworld alli Alliance Main Titles: 5x World Champion at black beltPan American Champion, 3x ADCC Champion, weightworld alli Brazilian National Champion Marcelinho is another rare case of someone who wins and wins impressively, always looking for the finish, he has been running through the Middleweight division at a World stage for some years the toughest division in BJJ and not only does he seem to have an easy time with the Gi kimono he also translates his submission based game amazingly weightworld alli to NoGi competitions.

He is today the best Middleweight in the World and definitely one of the best ever.

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A peculiarity of Saulo was always his fluctuations in weight categories, going weightworld alli and down, winning several different divisions. His trademark moves many created by the man himself are still used today and his inverted guard is a reference in current Jiu Jitsu evolving as time goes by through the hands of current players. His guard game was second to none and he was probably the brightest weightworld alli of a camp teeming with talent in what was one of the best Gracie Barra teams to have ever competed.

Cruz is also one of a very small elite group of men that can say they have beat Roger Gracie in competition He turned BJJ into more than a martial art or a competitive sport when he competed; he turned it into a true spectacle which helped bring the sport forward.

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